EKKA - National Center for Social Solidarity

National Center for Social Solidarity. The objective of the E.K.K.A. is the coordination of the network that provides social support services, care and solidarity to individuals, families, groups and populations experiencing crisis situations or are in need of emergency social aid (par.2, article 6, Bill 3106/2003). In particular, the services provided include:

  • Counseling as well as information regarding welfare issues at a personal, group and community level;
  • Emergency and short-term psychological support to individuals, families and groups experiencing crisis situations;
  • Emergency intervention "on the spot" in situations of crisis due to social problems or physical phenomena and mass disasters for the provision of psychological and social support;
  • Guarded temporary hospitality and care at Shelters for emergency social care to individuals being in need of emergency social aid, are vulnerable and are in great danger of being harmed;
  • Connection as well as mediation to facilitate access to social welfare and solidarity services for individuals and groups being in need of emergency social aid;
  • Coordination and implementation of social solidarity and volunteer programmes to treat the social needs for emergency situations and to prevent social hazards and the procedures of social exclusion.


Additional Info

Spatial Coverage Greece
Organisation Type Governmental institution
  • social service
  • counseling
  • psycological support
  • crisis management

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