External dimension

New Migration Partnership Framework, reinforced cooperation with third countries to better manage migration.

The external dimension of migration policy:

  • Development and Migration (GAMM and the new Partnership Framework, Trust Funds, compacts, EU Neighbourhood policy, EU development policy, human development, development indicators, governance indicators, poverty indicators, remittances, SDGs, follow-up to the 19 September 2016 UN Summit, etc.); development aid by rich countries;
  • Root causes and determinants (conflicts, inequality, climate, economy, demographics etc.);
  • Country profiles;
  • Impacts of migration on origin countries;
  • Use of funds (including soft loans);
  • Readmissions, reintegration, resettlement; illegal border crossings;
  • Job creation compacts, school enrolment;
  • International migration flows, determinants and evolution of international migration, migrant aspirations.