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WebGIS & Tools

The development of this tool started in the context of a counter-piracy pilot project for East Africa, PMAR (Piracy, Maritime Awareness and Risks). This was followed by two other projects in West and East Africa aiming at capacity building for maritime security and counter-piracy PMAR-MASE that ended in October 2015. Access to the tool was provided for one year to operational centres in Africa.

The Blue Hub has progressively evolved towards a platform for testing new technologies and tools developed in the context of various maritime surveillance R&D projects, ranging from data fusion to knowledge discovery, route prediction and anomaly detection.

Different instances of the Blue Hub currently co-exist, either restricted to authorised users or open to the public. The "Global" Blue Hub instance is dedicated to Maritime Awareness worldwide, the PMAR instance is for the Western Indian Ocean and the "Arctic" is designed for the analysis of human activities in this remote region. Ad hoc instances were also developed specifically for fisheries science and other researchers to pre-operationally validate tools like statistical analysis and vessel tracking systems. Finally, future developments are expected to address risk analysis and early warning for migration into the EU.